Bulk SMS solutions for art galleries and museums

How can art galleries and museums attract more visitors? Museums have a niche target market and reaching out to them is not always simple. If you want to attract people especially millennial generation to your art gallery you need to include modern technology. But, what is the most successful method to engage visitors and is still pocket friendly? As the latest advancements in technology cost a lot of money you have to look for ways that maximize the ROI.

It is important that you introduce a technology that ensures constant two-way communication and high availability. BulkSMS technology is one such technology, besides it is a widely used communication tool all over the world. A key factor that adds to its popularity is the fact that huge number of people own mobile phones.

Here are some tips on how you can use SMS technology in your art gallery to increase the number of visitors as well as visitor experience.

Growing your opt-in list

Giving away free gifts is the best way to make people to sign up for your SMS subscriber’s list. But, what art galleries and museums can giveaway, certainly, not historic monuments or paintings. It is time to create new business relationships or affiliates. Begin by thinking about the interests’ niche target market and what would they like to obtain? Pairing art and wine is a great idea. Contact a local wine shop and ask them to sponsor a few bottles of wine that you can give to your visitors as freebies. This will also promote their goods and help them reach out to wider audience.

Sending invites

Bulk text message marketing is economical and helps you reach hundreds of people immediately. And, what can be more effective way to make people aware of your next exhibition or event than it.

Sending alerts

If amendments are being made in the event’s schedule or something goes wrong at the last minute and you have to schedule a new time, then it is important that you update your attendees about the same. It is important to reach your artists and patrons as rapidly as possible. Instead of calling everyone and telling them about the same, you can let bulk SMS API give out the message.

Give information about the artists

Today, most artists have their own websites with information about themselves and samples of their art. Include a link in your text that will take the recipient to the online profile of the artist so they can learn more about him and his style of art. It can also help influence the purchasing decision of the patron or share the details with someone who appreciates art and are looking for something similar.

Giving feedback

Send a text message to your patrons to thank them for their presence. It will show that you care and will definitely be a nice concluding surprise of a great event. If you organized a charity event or a number of art pieces were sold, you can give the visitors or participants a brief summary of the success of the event.

So, start using this advanced SMS technology now and reach out to your niche target market fast.